About the company

Law firm “PRIME” unites the legal consultants – specialists, who practice branch specialization. It is a part of  the group of companies – K.A.C. Group, that are united by one brand and common aims and perform professional services in the consulting sphere.

Key trends of LF “PRIME” practice:

  • Legal support of the economic activity of the company
  • In-company relationship
  • Tax advising — Building
  • Real estate business
  • Investments, finances
  • Currency regulation
  • Registration, reorganization and dissolution of subjects of economic activity

Advantages of the company:

  1. existence of permanent practice in key trends
  2. concern about the carrier advancement
  3. guarantee of confidentiality and non-disclosure of information in accordance with the “Law on advocacy”
  4. accurate abidance to the Rules of advocate ethics by the lawyers of our firm

Achieving of favorable results in each separate case is encouraged by team work of the specialists of the Grope – professionals in the sphere of national and international consultancy, audit and appraisal activity.

Dynamic development of the companies of the Grope predetermined its membership in professional associations and organizations: