Housing association.

Short description of a project  This project is oriented on investment and building enterprises, for which the question of saving of expenses is of a great importance.

The investing of housing construction mechanisms acting today on the Ukrainian market, are rather expensive in the stage of business planning. Essential time and monetary expenses should be spend on affiliated bodies organizations – Assets management companies, Mutual investment funds, Fund of building investment, Funds of building financing and others. Usage of bond to minimize the taxation also has some disadvantages, the main of which – is distrust of potential investor to the documents, according to which he is not the owner of the build house but a “securities” owner. Also arises another problem – appearing of additional control bodies acting by Securities and stock market state commission …

We tried to look on the situation going by the principle “New – is well forgotten old”, and have remembered housing building associations. The reason was the adoption of the law of Ukraine “On cooperation”. Until its adoption the cooperation societies was in legal vacuum or have been regulated by the ethically old norms of soviet legislation.

The advantages of Housing association:

  1. Housing association – is a non profitable and non governmental organization
  2. The legal basis of Housing Association activity- the law of Ukraine “On cooperation”, the Civil code of Ukraine, the Economic Code and normative acts.
  3. The participants of Housing Association can be individuals and legal entities.
  4. The Housing Association fund is formed with the help of admission member’s contributions. Such contributions can be land plots, rights, materials and other.
  5. The house construction financing is realized with the help of member’s contributions (monetary or property).
  6. Limits absence on expenses on executive bodies support.We propose for sale our “shelf” company — Housing association.

We are also ready to accompany the project in the process of its development: activity mechanism development, formation of the contract base.