Legal insurance

Today the market of legal services is very saturated. It seems that there is no such service even beyond the law, that could not be carried out. But some legal firms take upon themselves the functions to require from a client  to make some information public.

Legal insurance – an exclusive service to provide a legal protection by the company to a client in a case of prosecution against a client or in necessity to vindicate client’s violated rights in the court. At that time as opposed to legal service, a client is not obliged beforehand to make his information public, that can cause the leakage of information. To be confident that your lawyers are not engaged in commercial espionage is very good, but agree it is more better that your confidence is based on its absolute impossibility. Also the legal insurance gives the guarantee that you will receive the services of the best specialists in the sphere of corporate law, even in the cases of temporary financial difficulties. You have already known the people that will work for you and this can help to build the relations based on trust and confidence.

Why does the insurance?

The insurance means – providing with the help when it is needed – money payments after some negative accidents. Legal insurance is a help of the specialists when it is needed. But as opposed to typical insurance, our company do not compensate the loses, it tries to prevent them. Signing a legal insurance, you will obtain a safe guard from the negative effects of imperfection of national legislation and competitor’s subversive actions.

Why does particularly LF “PRIME”?

Our company has a great experience of competitors’ attacks prevention. The leading specialists of corporate law are working in our company.  For example in the year 2005 a client addressed to us, with a problem that there was put an action on liquidation of property rights violation on his trademark of goods and services. LF “PRIME” put an action on recognition the certificate on trademark of goods and services to be invalid. Nowadays the competitors of our client have to guard against counter-claim and our client continues to work calmly. Besides this, our company is the only who provide such kind of service. This is our know-how.

The value: 500 $ per month