“Outsourcing — is the performances of the organization of some business-processes by a third-party company, that are usually business companies not specialized in, but still are very important for the business functioning, as s way of company activity optimization with the help of efforts concentration on the main subject of activity and transferring the corporate roles to external specialized companies.”

Decline of the general condition of economic processes in the country and in the world in a whole, may cause that the owners should take measures to save their assets and simultaneously to solve the problem of maximum reduction of expenses. The projects are stopped and do not show any possibility to bring some profit. The question on sale of so called non profitable assets meets a simple lack of free money. To sale today is not profitable. Never the less, property needs some expenses. From the monthly financial support to providing of minimum economic activity of legal entities.

The parcel “Outsourcing” was worked out by the specialists of our group and is the outsourcing of business processes in the condition of company budget limitation.

We take into service “lying” and waiting for their time companies. Why is it profitable for the owner? In exchange for the current service fixed sum you receive the full complex on support activities of the company:

  • delivery of tax  reporting
  • ocument management organization
  • payment on current accounts, banking
  • correspondence support
  • signing of current economic treaties
  • representation upon the control bodies
  • current renewal of obligatory information in State register.

Full absence of worries connected with bailed companies and also absence of the office problems, staff all these give a great opportunity for the owner to concentrate on his business.