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Professional security broker

With the adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On securities and stock market” the requirements for the charter capital of the professional participants of the stock market were essentially raised. For example, dealers should have the Charter capital at least 120 thousands of UAH (now 17 thousands of UAH), brokers at least 300 thousands UHA (now 3,4 thousands of UHA). Besides this, there will be the changes in the license requirements that can cause some stagnations in the process of license granting to the newly formed companies.

The acting company-security broker is for sale…

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Outsourcing — is the performance of the organization of some business-processes by a third-party company, that are usually business companies not specialized in, but still are very important for the business functioning, as s way of company activity optimization with the help of efforts concentration on the main subject of activity and transferring the corporate roles to external specialized companies.

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Legal insurance

Exclusive service – to provide a legal protection by the company to a client in a case of prosecution against a client or in necessity to vindicate client’s violated rights in the court …

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Housing association. Short description of a project

This project is oriented on investment and building enterprises, for which the question of saving of expenses is of a great importance…

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Cottage building

We propose for sale the company, possessing the assets in the form of land plot…

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New companies

We propose for sale construction and trade companies…

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