Name Cost*
Registration of enterprises (limited liability companies, affiliated companies including the foreign investments) From 500
Opening of joint-stock companies From 700
Opening of holding trusts From 700
Drafting of economic, civil agreements, contracts, including external economic ones From 100
Establishment accompanying of ICI (institute of common investment), CFF (construction financial fund), non-governmental pension funds From 2000
Registration of foreign investments 500
Registration of credits received from non residents in NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) 500
Receipt of work permit for the foreign citizens 500
Registration accompanying of the real estate objects From 300
Acquisition of licenses From 400
Opening of investment accounts, accounts in securities 50-100
Calculation of the criteria of concentration, coordination of economic concentration with the antimonopoly committee From 300
Development of personal schemes, tax planning, protection of business, corporate mergers and acquisitions From 500
Consulting From 50
Claims drafting into the state institutions, including appeal coordination of tax liabilities with STA 100-400
Advocatory query drafting in accordance with the art. 6 Law “On advocacy” 20-300
Compearance ** From 500
Representation of client’s interests during negotiations From 100
Representation of the client’s interests out of Kiev From 200
Representation of the clients out of the borders of Ukraine From 400
Translation of the foreign documents and notorial assurance From 50
Commercial representation of non residents From 100
Administration of estate (of the company, real estate objects, securities… ) By agreement
Legal service of the company From 500/month

*The value of the services is indicated in EURO excluding VAT the payment is realized in national currency at the exchange rate of the State Bank in a day of payment in EURO if the payment is maid by foreign companies

**The value of the compearance is defined depending on the case complexity. In material case, the relative value of the case — 7-10% from the case sum (the sum from 100 000 UAH). When the case is non material, or has another form defined by the parties – the value is calculated depending on the time spent, qualification of the staff, and complexity of the case:


Name Cost
Preliminary examination of the materials 50-150
Case examination in the court (including admission of power of attorney) 50-200
Copy of the case materials (photocopy, ect.) 50-200
Drafting of notice of claim, request on notice of claim, appeals) 200-500
Drafting of written case descriptions 100-300
Drafting of appeal to the court 20-200
Compearance in all institutions 50-400